Hackintosh Yosemite on biostar a880G mobo

Hackintosh Yosemite Installer stop at [PCI Configuration Begin]
On my last test on running hackintosh yosemite on my AMD machine, the installer stop/hang at [PCI Configuration Begin]. I have tried all possible combination of kernel parameter and it still stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin]. Then i tried to find the answer by asking on many forums. Some of the answer i've got was to tried it with other graphic card. At that time, i don't have any spare graphic card to try, but yesterday, i manage to borrow one old pci-e graphic card to test it on my AMD machine.

Windows tips #1. How to save list of files in a drive to a text file

Last week i need to list the files in one of my backup drive. Then i decided to make that list saved in a text file. Because i think this trick is useful for others, i decided to make a video tips on how to do that. Enjoy..