Hackintosh Yosemite on biostar a880G mobo

Hackintosh Yosemite Installer stop at [PCI Configuration Begin]
On my last test on running hackintosh yosemite on my AMD machine, the installer stop/hang at [PCI Configuration Begin]. I have tried all possible combination of kernel parameter and it still stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin]. Then i tried to find the answer by asking on many forums. Some of the answer i've got was to tried it with other graphic card. At that time, i don't have any spare graphic card to try, but yesterday, i manage to borrow one old pci-e graphic card to test it on my AMD machine.

Windows tips #1. How to save list of files in a drive to a text file

Last week i need to list the files in one of my backup drive. Then i decided to make that list saved in a text file. Because i think this trick is useful for others, i decided to make a video tips on how to do that. Enjoy..

Installing hackintosh yosemite on my virtualbox

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It's been a month since i've tried installing vanilla yosemite installer with various custom kext with zero result. At my last try, i've download the hackintosh-zone distro, with pessimistic frame of mind, i try to run it in my virtualbox and what a surprise, IT WORKS...

Creating Debian Jessie live media using netinstaller iso

Why using netinstall iso?
Well... nothing really special behind my choice of source installation medium, but i already download the net install iso and i really don't want to re-download the base system for my debian jessie system.

What's the requirement for making this minimal live system installation?
a working debian system, in my case a debian lenny system
an internet connection

Now, here's the step to create debian jessie live media:

1. Mount netinstall iso
    root@lennycom:/# mount -o loop <YOUR-ISO-LOCATION> <YOUR-MOUNT-LOCATION>    

   in my case, my iso is at /media/Data1/debian-8.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso  and my mount location is at /media/unt, so the command is:
    root@lennycom:/# mount -o loop /media/Data1/debian-8.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso /media/unt

2. Create new folder and rename it to livemedia-try1. go to the livemedia-try1 folder and create new folder, then rename it to liveimage.

    root@lennycom:/# mkdir /media/Data2/livemedia-try1
    root@lennycom:/# cd /media/Data2/livemedia-try1
    root@lennycom:/media/Data2/livemedia-try1# mkdir liveImage
    root@lennycom:/media/Data2/livemedia-try1# mkdir liveImage/live

Exploding Teapot Tutorial

Exploding things are some of the most common effect in many movies and tv. In this tutorial we'll learn how to create a basic explosion effect using blender 3D. This tutorial is using version 2.75a of Blender 3D.

Step 0: Preparation
Because the teapot object is part of extra object add-on for blender, we have to make sure that the extra object add-on is enabled. To enable the extra objects add-on, first click File tab and select User preferences. Select/click the Add-ons tab if not selected yet. On Catagories subsection click Add Mesh to filter the add-ons. Click the Extra Objects checkbox.