Trying another sculpt

Just trying another sculpt using sculptris. This time i tried to sculpt an ear and here's the result.

Normal map vs bump map on blender 2.61

In blender 2.61 there are two internal renderers. First one is blender rendering engine and the second is cycles rendering engine. In this post i want to compare the use of normal map between those two renderer, but after i search around i notice that cycles rendering engine don't have the ability to render normal map yet, so i decided to compare between normal map in blender engine vs bump/displacement map in cycles and see compare the result.

Scene preparation
For scene preparation i create these objects:
1. Standard box object, beveled two times
2. Suzanne monkey mesh object
3. Ground plane as a ground for those other two objects.

My first mouth sculpt using sculptris

Several days ago i tried to use sculptris to sculpt a mouth. Now i just want to post the result of my sculpting, here you go...

Transfering texture from hi-poly to low-poly object

One of the modeling tool i use other than blender is sculptris. Other than sculpting, sculptris can also do a texture painting to the model. This time i want to know how blender can transfer texture from hi poly model to a low poly model so in the future if i'm importing the 3d model i sculpt from sculptris to blender i will know how transfer its texture to a low poly model.

For now i won't model anything in sculptris, i will use the standard cube from blender instead.