Installing hackintosh yosemite on my virtualbox

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It's been a month since i've tried installing vanilla yosemite installer with various custom kext with zero result. At my last try, i've download the hackintosh-zone distro, with pessimistic frame of mind, i try to run it in my virtualbox and what a surprise, IT WORKS...
When i first tried to install hackintosh using vanilla installer from apple store, i use chameleon as bootloader. On my real machine it stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin]. Then i've tried various boot parameter such as npci=0x2000, npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=1/0 and many other boot parameter combinations with no result. Asking around many forum was also give me no result. Trying to rollback to older kexts is also a dead end. Then i tried to change the bootloader to clover, but it end up with reset loop problem. In forums many people experinced the same problem as i did.

Then i tried to run my vanilla yosemite installer in virtualbox. I use chameleon bootloader in virtualbox since many people seem having problem with clover bootloader on amd machine. It can pass the [PCI Configuration Begin] problem, but then i stuck in boot reset loop. I cannot see on which part does the installer stops and reset the system. I tried countless combinations between changing/adding additional kexts and use combinations of boot parameters with no result.

After a month i've tried to install hackintosh on my machine, i gave up and admit defeat. I just use yosemite on my mac-mini machine, but then i remember that hackintosh zone have a yosemite distro that claimed to be able to install on any amd and intel machine, so i give it a try. On my real amd machine, it stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin] like the vanilla version of yosemite, but the funny thing is that the hackintosh zone distro works on virtualbox on my amd machine. It only use -f npci=0x3000 as boot parameters (and also -v to see what's going on under the hood). So now on my linux machine i have a hackintosh zone yosemite distro on my virtualbox.

[tl;dr] Vanilla install = failed on real and virtualbox, hackintosh zone = failed on real machine but work on virtualbox.  

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