Experimenting with blender hair

After i was able to import and play with my genesis character  from daz3d in blender, the next thing i want to try is to give it a hair. I know that there's a bunch of daz 3d hair for genesis out there that i can use for my character, but i want to try creating my own hair using blender system. For the past two weeks i've been trying to create a simple hair for my genesis character and so far the results were not good.

Dumping render test pics...

Just dumping some render test pics.

I Just found bump node on blender

Its been a while since i play with my 3d program blender. Last time i posted here, i was searching a way to use bump map with blender. at that time i don’t know weather bump node for cycles rendering engine already exist or not... most of the tutorial i find online was a quick hack for using bump texture into cycles renderer. if it was exist at that time, i probably didn’t notice the bump node that cycles had. Today while i was playing with my blender, i notice that there’s a bump node under the vector subsection of blender node for cycles.