Experimenting with blender hair

After i was able to import and play with my genesis character  from daz3d in blender, the next thing i want to try is to give it a hair. I know that there's a bunch of daz 3d hair for genesis out there that i can use for my character, but i want to try creating my own hair using blender system. For the past two weeks i've been trying to create a simple hair for my genesis character and so far the results were not good.

Just post what i've been doing so far...
This is my first try of using blender hair. I tried to create several objects from the scalp area of genesis head. In the middle of the work i tried to render it but the result was terrible, so i didn't save any of it and stop continuing my work.

First try creating hair in blender

My second try was using different approach. after i learned that hair in blender can be drawn from vertex group, i use weight painting to create hair patch on a single scalp object, unlike the first try where i explode the scalp area into several parts. In the second try, i use single scalp object and draw the hair using vertex group and weight painting. the result was a little bit better but it still look like crap...

Second try, hair in blender

My last try was using the same approach, but this time i use tablet instead of a mouse to comb the hair, and the result was better than my second try. After i think it look acceptable on the viewport, i tried to render it. The result was still look funny but so far it's the best that i can do.

Third try, hair in blender

And here's the genesis character wearing my experimental hair...
Render Test1

Render Test2

After two weeks of experiment, i think i still need a lot more excercise to get better result. So for now i think i'll use hair objects from daz community and import it to blender like i did with the genesis character...

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